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Closet Organizer App for Men

Snap pictures of your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories and store them in the app… Use them for looks or when packing for your trip. With our closet organizer app for men you will be in control of your wardrobe and you will know your clothes.


Mix, match, play, and create amazing outfits in seconds! It’s your lookbook and fitting room – never buy anything without trying it first here. Use clothes from your wardrobe or from the shopping section. Categorize your outfits by season or occasion for better planning.

Style Planner

Plan what you are going to wear and when. Never wear the same thing twice.. Schedule when to wear your outfits and avoid last minute decision making in front of your closet.


We have your favorite brands and the best new styles… Have fun shopping, discover awesome fashion finds, create a look with them, share them or buy them. Check first your clothes and make sure you don’t have a similar items already.

Perks of Using Mod Man

Mod Man is the ultimate style app for men, combining many apps into one. Mod Man will help you up your style by letting you organize your wardrobe, plan your outfits, and pack for your trips.

With Mod Man you will shop your favorite brands and the best new styles. Shop for sales, for the items you like and never duplicates.

So download Mod Man and start managing your style in a simple, clever and a fun way!

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